FAST50: Additional group call

The Standard Edition of FAST50 comes with (2) Group Q&A Calls and the Complete Edition with (4) calls.

If you want to attend any additional calls after you use those up, you can purchase them here.

Please purchase one copy of this each time you want to attend an additional call.

I don't track these, because I trust you.

Note: You'll find the login instructions in the usual place. In other words, go to where you'd normally go in your customer portal to access a group call.

If you're a Complete Edition student: these can be found in the "Upgrade from Standard to Complete Edition" Course in your portal.

If you're a Standard Edition student: these can be found in the "Upgrade to Standard Edition" Course in your portal.

Your Instructor

Alp Turan
Alp Turan

Alp is the founder of Trial & Eureka, where he helps online businesses in the growth stage line up buyers for their product.

As a lawyer-turned-marketing strategist*, he tried to start a blog but accidentally built a marketing agency. (*That sounds like “Sauron turned Sith”, but it’s all innocuous really.) Obviously, after leaving the Dark Side he had to put those professional stalker skills to good use, so he now advises entrepreneurs on how to find their target customers online.

With an unquenchable curiosity and a passion for the weirdest hobbies ever, he spends his weekends in workshops all around the world. (Some men buy watches. Cool men buy motorcycles. He buys courses. Everyone needs a vice.)

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